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Breakthroughs Advance U.S. Competitiveness
Commentary by Bruce E. Warner

youtube logoComputational Innovation Boosts Manufacturing
U.S. manufacturers partner with Livermore and other national laboratories to accelerate innovation and increase efficiencies through high-performance computing.

Novel Scintillator Improves X-Ray Imaging
An innovative transparent ceramic scintillator vastly improves contrast for three-dimensional imaging of manufactured parts.

Toolset Promotes Carbon-Capture Solution
A powerful suite of computational tools and models accelerates the development of more effective carbon-capture technologies.

Fabricating the World's Thinnest Plastic Wrap
A novel membrane manufacturing process produces freestanding polymer films less than 10 nanometers thick.

Revealing the Presence of Hidden Nuclear Materials
This award finalist develops solution-grown stilbene crystals to detect the unique signatures of high-energy neutrons emitted from uranium and plutonium.

LION Hunts for Nuclear Forensics Clues
A new laboratory at Livermore uses resonance ionization mass spectrometry to identify nuclear materials and determine their origins.