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Polymer Production Enclave Puts Additive Manufacturing on the Fast Track November/December 2021

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Kansas City National Security Campus are accelerating the development and production of polymer additive manufacturing to support the national nuclear security enterprise. Read more in this issue of Science & Technology Review (S&TR):

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Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic June 2021

To help the United States fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory did what it does best: quickly bring together interdisciplinary teams and diverse technologies to address urgent national challenges.

watch S&TR March 2022 youtube video | LLNL-VIDEO-829799

Scorpius Shines A Bright Light on Plutonium April 2021

Scorpius, a multi-lab project to advance stockpile stewardship, will yield an unprecedented experimental tool powered by Lawrence Livermore technology.

watch S&TR March 2022 youtube video | LLNL-VIDEO-809477

Team Science Takes on Infrastructure January 2021

The Laboratory tackles 10 years of infrastructure modernization as it anticipates several major projects and a rapidly growing workforce.

watch S&TR March 2022 youtube video | LLNL-VIDEO-832242