Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Issue May 2021

60 Years of Cancer Research

From studying radioactive isotope effects to better understanding cancer metastasis, the Laboratory’s relationship with cancer research endures some 60 years after it began, with historical precedent underpinning exciting new research areas.

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Gold Monoliths Lighter Than Air

Laboratory researchers have produced and refined the lowest-density gold foam aerogel ever made—a significant breakthrough in nanoscale materials engineering.

Bridging the Idea-to-Industry Gap

With a number of Department of Energy incentives and funding streams, Lawrence Livermore’s research commercialization efforts are changing the world and paving the way for technology’s next big thing.

Visualization Software Stands the Test of Time

The Livermore-led VisIt visualization and analysis tool has supported scalable, high-quality evaluation of simulation results for over 20 years.

Commentary by Glenn Fox

Associate Director for Physical and Life Sciences

Partnerships and Teamwork Drive Cancer Research

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