Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Issue August 2021

Planetary Research: Exploring Our Past and Future

Leveraging astrophysics, nuclear science, cosmochemistry, and high-performance computing expertise, Livermore investigates the origins of the solar system and our prospects on other planets.

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Protecting Employees

Protecting Employees, Advancing the Mission

The Laboratory responded to COVID-19 with steps to maximize employee safety while pursuing mission-critical work.

Three Decades of Explosive Innovation

Lawrence Livermore’s Energetic Materials Center celebrates 30 years of providing technical expertise to support the nuclear security enterprise.

Livermore's Energetic Materials

Livermore scientists and engineers are anticipating the next generation of laser technology: very-high-average power short-pulse lasers.

Embracing Risk for Transformational Results

Livermore’s expanded investment in disruptive research projects aims to provide large-scale scientific and technical payoffs.

Commentary by Patricia Falcone

Deputy Director for Science and Technology

Looking to the Past and the Future

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