Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Issue July 2020

2019 R&D 100 Award Winners

Livermore researchers won four R&D 100 awards in R&D World Magazine’s annual competition.

Inside this issue

Portable Threat Assessment

A novel neutron multiplicity detector yields improved protections against nuclear threats.

Expanding Embolization Success

A low-density polymer foam plug used to occlude damaged blood vessels lowers risk of stroke and death.

Resiliency in Computer Applications

The versatile Scalable Checkpoint/Restart framework offers more reliable simulation performance.

Software Installation Simplified

From laptops to supercomputers, software deployment is faster and easier with the Spack package management tool.

The Shape of Things to Come

Livermore scientists aim to greatly increase target performance for fusion ignition experiments with new hohlraum designs that go “outside the box.”

Tuning into Dark Matter

Recent technological advances have given scientists the unprecedented capability to detect “invisible” particles that may dominate the universe.

A Revelation in Nuclear Science

Preparations for an experiment at a forthcoming accelerator facility reveal an unexpected property of a radioactive zirconium isotope.

Commentary by Patricia Falcone

Deputy Director for Science and Technology

Celebrating a Culture of Innovation

The Laboratory in the News



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