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Energizing Enclaves

Within Livermore’s Energetic Materials Development Enclave Campus, researchers from Lawrence Livermore and the Pantex Plant collaborate on innovative approaches to energetic materials manufacturing.

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A New Dimension of Glass

Livermore scientists reimagine fabrication of all-glass metasurfaces to diversify achievable structures and augment optic performance.

Advancing Rare-Earth Biomining for a Secure Supply

Collaborative development of a biology-based approach for safe rare-earth elements separation on a larger scale may change a traditional mining industry.

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The Superblock—An Essential Facility for Nuclear Operations

As one of two defense plutonium research and development facilities in the nation, Lawrence Livermore’s Superblock proves crucial to stockpile stewardship.

Collaboration for Transformation

Commentary by
Brad Wallin

Deputy Director for Strategic Deterrence

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