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Current Issue July 2021

Transferring Laboratory Technology to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Livermore technology transfer and private-sector partnerships played an important role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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R&D100 Award

2020 R&D 100 Award Winner: Versatile Cold Spray Harvests Waste Heat

A new take on an additive manufacturing tool may be the key to capturing waste heat from manufacturing processes and converting it to electricity.

Second Skin Protects against Invisible Threats

New materials made with carbon nanotube composites and a special thin polymer layer protect first responders from chemical and biological threats without sacrificing breathability and comfort.

Livermore researchers develop a system to help analysts find evidence of illicit nuclear weapons proliferation using open-source information.

Livermore scientists and engineers are anticipating the next generation of laser technology: very-high-average power short-pulse lasers.

Lasers without Limits

The next generation of high-repetition-rate, short-pulse lasers promises to accelerate and advance high-energy-density and photon science.

Commentary by
Anup Singh

Associate Director for Engineering

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