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Current Issue September 2022

Cognitive Simulation Supercharges Scientific Research

Feedback cycles augmented with machine learning and other artificial intelligence methods promise to accelerate scientific discovery.

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Scientist at desk participating in a virtual meeting

Operational Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Global Material Security Program devised means to secure nuclear and other radioactive materials worldwide during the pandemic travel restrictions.

High Performance Storage System — Taking the Long View

A multidecade, multilaboratory collaboration evolves scalable long-term data storage and retrieval solutions to survive the march of time.

Woman installing tapes for computer storage

Frame-by-frame images of a horse galloping

Cinema in a Nanosecond

A Livermore x-ray diagnostics system with rapid-pulse capabilities will capture images of instantaneous experimental effects.

Strengthening Scientific Outcomes
Commentary by
Jim Brase

Deputy Associate Director for Computing

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