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Current Issue March 2023

Stopping Corrosion Before It Starts

Laboratory researchers have integrated multiscale simulations, advanced characterization, and data science to develop the capability for predicting the onset of corrosion.

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Behind the Scenes: Livermore Fellows Share Offsite Assignment Stories

Livermore employees in offsite assignments align science and policy to evaluate technologies, plan future research, usher in new capabilities, and support stockpile stewardship.

Expediting Research with Spack

A Laboratory-developed software package management tool, enhanced by contributions from more than 1,000 users, supports the high-performance computing community.

Woman installing tapes for computer storage

Frame-by-frame images of a horse galloping

LivIT Meets the Demand

Led by the guiding principles of simplicity, agility, and capability, Livermore Information Technology (LivIT) overcame technical challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accelerating Knowledge and Critical Timelines
Commentary by
Tony van Buuren

Deputy Associate Director for Science and Technology in the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate

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