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Current Issue April/May 2023

A Lasting Impact

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft’s successful intercept of an asteroid last year relied upon decades of Lawrence Livermore work on planetary defense.

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purplish skies with clouds and beam of sunlight shining through

Streamlined: Flight Simulation Modeling Soars at the Laboratory

A new multiphysics capability for hypersonic conditions boosts efficiency in warhead and reentry vehicle development.

High-Performance Postdocs: Fernbach Fellows Bring Fresh Insights to Computing

A highly competitive postdoctororal research position in computing sciences attracts an array of innovative scientists to the Laboratory.

Abstract rendering from a computation looks like a block of entwined multicolor ribbons.

A photo juxtaposition shows a German shepherd peering attentively under the nozzle of a 3D printer, where a just-manufactured object sits just beyond the tip of the dog's nose.

Sit, Stay, Print: Additive Manufacturing for Canine Training

Lawrence Livermore leverages its advanced additive manufacturing capabilities to develop new aids for training bomb-sniffing dogs.

On Target for Space Security
Commentary by
Ben Bahney

Leads the Laboratory’s Space Science and Security Program

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