Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Issue October/November 2022

Joining the Fight to Cure Neurodegenerative Disease

Through a strategic partnership with the Livermore Lab Foundation, the Laboratory is applying its wide-ranging capabilities to study amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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Scientist at desk participating in a virtual meeting

Small Things Considered

Experimental and theoretical research on nuclear beta decay augments understanding of nature’s mysterious weak nuclear force.

From Plasma to Digital Twins

Livermore applies nondestructive evaluation capabilities to assess the internal structure of vital components.

Woman installing tapes for computer storage

Frame-by-frame images of a horse galloping

Sheltering Science Saves Lives

Laboratory researchers help refine emergency planners’ views of using buildings to protect human life against airborne hazards.

Creative Teams Solving Real-World Problems
Commentary by
Amanda Askin

Global Security Systems Analyst and the 2022 S&TR Scientific Editor

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