Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Issue September/October 2021

Climate Change Comes into Focus

Advanced computer models, simulations, and analysis capabilities help scientists zoom in on Earth system processes and improve climate research.

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Protecting Employees

Eyes High in the Skies

Nanosatellites holding tiny Livermore-developed telescopes take thousands of images of space and Earth in an ongoing Laboratory–industry partnership.

Accelerating the Path to Precision Medicine

Data processing workflow tools developed by Livermore scientists reveal the multifaceted nature of traumatic brain injury.

Livermore's Energetic Materials

Livermore scientists and engineers are anticipating the next generation of laser technology: very-high-average power short-pulse lasers.

Shining a Light on Technical Excellence

A Laboratory awards program offers advancement for scientific leaders who choose the research track over the management ladder.

Commentary by David Bader

Director of the Laboratory’s Climate Program

Making Climate Change More Tangible

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