Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Issue November/December 2021

Extremely Bright, Incredibly Fast

Multidisciplinary teams of Livermore scientists utilize world-class, light-source facilities to observe how materials react and change under extreme conditions.

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Polymer Production Enclave Puts Additive Manufacturing on the Fast Track

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Kansas City National Security Campus are accelerating the development and production of polymer additive manufacturing to support the national nuclear security enterprise.

Hydrodynamic Experiments Support Stockpile Stewardship

Livermore researchers use test data to validate models and set the groundwork for upcoming subcritical tests.



Delivering Exceptional Promise

Livermore scientists and engineers use funding from the Laboratory’s Early and Mid-Career Recognition Program to conduct laser experiments, enhance bioinformatics education and research, advance high-performance computing, create new employee training courses on weapons design and high-energy-density science, improve fentanyl detection techniques, and develop super-strength cermet armor.

Commentary by Glenn Fox

Associate Director for Physical and Life Sciences

Collaborations Enable a Bright Future

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