Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Issue April 2021

Neural Networks Search for the Nuclear Needle in a Haystack

Livermore researchers develop a system to help analysts find evidence of nuclear weapons proliferation using open-source information.

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Exascale Software Lays Foundation for Discovery of New Materials

The Center for Non-Perturbative Studies of Functional Materials under Non-Equilibrium Conditions advances high-performance computing software to support novel materials discovery.

Shining a Bright Light on Plutonium

Scorpius, a multi-lab project to advance stockpile stewardship, will yield an unprecedented experimental tool powered by Livermore technology.

Johnny Foster: Pushing the Boundaries of Science

A legacy of innovative thinking is alive and well with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s John S. Foster, Jr. Award.

Commentary by Jim Brase

Deputy Associate Director for Computing

Realizing Solutions to the Nation’s Security Challenges

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