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Tiny Targets Enable Breakthrough Scientific Discoveries
Commentary by Jeff Wisoff

youtube logoA Growing Family of Targets for the National Ignition Facility
Miniscule yet highly complex targets are revealing the behavior of materials undere extreme conditions.

Improving Engine Designs with an Ultrafast Code
The Zero-Order Reaction Kinetics software package speeds up the modeling of chemical systems a thousandfold over traditional methods.

Remarkable Advances in Three-Dimensional Printing
A novel additive manufacturing technique prints large products of arbitrary geometries with small feature size at high speed.

Powerful Laser System Improves Experimental Capabilities
Livermore's innovative laser-diode pumping system delivers higher optical power and increased intensity compared to existing technologies.

R&D 100 Award Finalists Support Laboratory Missions
Three Livermore research teams were named finalists and runners-up in the 2015 R&D 100 competition.

Fine-Tuning a Laser Beam
Chemically doped glass could improve the absorption properties of optics at the National Ignition Facility.