Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


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Investing in Research Frontiers
Commentary by Glenn A. Fox

Renowned Accelerator Facility Turns 30
Livermore’s Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry celebrates a milestone anniversary with a broad range of research endeavors.

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Enhanced Radiation Detection Training
New device better trains personnel responding to and securing against nuclear or radiological accidents or attacks.

Interconnecting a World of Petabytes
The Earth System Grid Federation provides access to worldwide modeling centers and vast data repositories.

High-Throughput Pathogen Detection
A novel diagnostic rapidly identifies known and suspected pathogens in a wide variety of test samples.

Team Science Reaps International Recognition
Livermore researchers earn four R&D 100 awards for technologies they codeveloped with other institutions.

Instruments Peer Deeply into Laser Experiments
Next-generation x-ray diagnostics are gleaning important data from experiments at the National Ignition Facility.