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Exploration and Vision Lead to New Solutions
Commentary by Gregory Suski

A Super, Cool Device for Material Characterization
An x-ray spectrometer combines superconducting sensors and a push-button refrigeration system to greatly improve energy resolution for technological, medical, and forensic applications.

Fast and Easy Identification of Explosives and Suspected Drugs
The microTLCTM compact laboratory kit permits rapid identification of explosives, illicit drugs, and other hazardous materials.

Novel Process Advances Optical Glass Polishing
Convergent polishing, a Lawrence Livermore technology, markedly reduces the cost, labor, and time required to polish glass optics.

The Power of Combined Laser Light
The extreme-power, ultralow-loss, dispersive element spectrally combines many small lasers into a single, high-power, high-efficiency, near-diffraction-limited beam.

Promoting International Security through Nuclear Forensics
The Laboratory is engaged in several efforts to expand and share its nuclear forensic expertise with collaborators worldwide.