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Diversity of Science Addresses Broad Missions
Commentary by A. J. Simon

DNA-Tagged Sugar Particles Simulate Aerosol Airflow Patterns
Tiny particles composed of common foodstuffs and a unique DNA bar code help reveal airflow in both indoor and outdoor venues.

Fiber Lasers Get a Power Boost
Livermore-developed mode converters increase the power in fiber lasers while maintaining high beam quality.

High-Speed Movies at the Nanoscale
A movie-making electron microscope records the evolution of extremely fast material processes.

Shielding the World’s Largest Laser from Harmful Pulses
A novel process to keep laser optics safe reduces pulse-screening time from 12 hours to less than a second.

Mini-Apps Accelerate Hardware and Software Development
A suite of small programs assists hardware and software developers in making better and more coordinated design decisions.

An Earthquake Exhibit with Magnitude
An engaging earthquake exhibit combines Livermore seismic research and the latest data-driven visualization techniques with groundbreaking results.

Enterprise Modeling Leads to Smarter Decisions
Livermore’s Nuclear Weapons Enterprise Model provides the National Nuclear Security Administration with analyses of detailed enterprise-wide data that test and optimize future options.