Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


The Laboratory in the News

Team Science Successfully Identifies 6,000 Bugs Simultaneously
Commentary by Glenn A. Fox

A Faster and Cheaper Method to Detect Agents of Disease
A new Livermore technology combines clever algorithms and a tiny microarray to identify thousands of pathogens within 24 hours.

Making a Better Photonic Crystal Fiber
The installation of a fiber draw tower at the Laboratory allows scientists to fabricate fiber lasers and amplifiers with powers and energies never thought possible before.

A Transparent Success: “Megatons to Megawatts” Program
An unprecedented U.S.—Russian agreement to convert Russian nuclear weapon-grade uranium into U.S. nuclear reactor fuel concludes this year, with Lawrence Livermore having played an instrumental part in its success.

The Shot Heard ’Round the Complex
Livermore researchers fired the 100th shot on the two-stage gas gun at the Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research Facility in support of stockpile stewardship.