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Commentary by Cindy Atkins-Duffin

The ACES in Our Hand

The Adaptive Computing Environment and Simulations (ACES) project provides experts with a toolkit to simulate nuclear fuel enrichment and reveals how the process might be subverted to make materials for nuclear weapons.

Short Wavelengths Yield Big Dividends

Extreme ultraviolet research has resulted in state-of-the-art, multilayer-reflective optics for space exploration, microchips, and more.

Additive Manufacturing Brings New Possibilities for Transparent Ceramics

Using direct ink write and “jetting” additive manufacturing techniques, researchers have created transparent ceramics with new properties for laser optics and other applications.

Expanded Capabilities and Opportunities for Virtual Beam Line Code

The latest generation of Livermore’s workhorse laser physics code promises full integration across research and operations applications.