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System and Method for Repeated Metal Deposition-Dewetting Steps to Form a Nano-Particle Etching Mask Producing Thicker Layer of Engraved Metasurface

Eyal Feigenbaum, Nathan James Ray, Jae Hyuck Yoo
U.S. Patent 11,294,103 B2
April 5, 2022

Methods and Systems for Producing Nanolipoprotein Particles

Matthew A. Coleman, Paul D. Hoeprich, Brent W. Seglke
U.S. Patent 11,300,572 B2
April 12, 2022

Methods of Three-Dimensional Electrophoretic Deposition for Ceramic and Cermet Applications and Systems Thereof

Klint A. Rose, Joshua D. Kuntz, Marcus A. Worsley
U.S. Patent 11,299,816 B2
April 12, 2022

Composite 3D-Printed Reactors for Gas Absorption, Purification, and Reaction

Du T. Nguyen, Sarah E. Baker, William L. Bourcier, Joshuah K. Stolaroff, Congwang Ye, Maxwell R. Murialdo, Maira R. Ceron Hernandez, Jennifer M. Knipe
U.S. Patent 11,305,226 B2
April 19, 2022

System, Method, and Apparatus Relating to Colloidosomes

Christine A. Orme, Sarah Baker, Yixuan Yu, Shelley L. Anna, Charles Sharkey
U.S. Patent 11,305,252 B2
April 19, 2022

System and Method for Compact Electro-Optical Interface

Susant Petra, Razi-Ul Muhammad Haque, Komal Kampasi
U.S. Patent 11,309,670 B2
April 19, 2022

System and Method for Engine Control with Pressure Reactive Device to Control Combustion Timing

Nicholas Killingsworth, Daniel L. Flowers, Russell A. Whitesides
U.S. Patent 11,306,653 B2
April 19, 2022

Systems and Methodology for Electrical Energy Storage

Eric Duoss, Juergen Biener, Patrick Campbell, Julie A. Jackson, Geoffrey M. Oxberry, Christopher Spadaccini, Michael Stadermann, Cheng Zhu, Bradley Trembacki, Jayathi Murthy, Matthew Merrill
U.S. Patent 11,309,574 B2
April 19, 2022

System and Method for Sub Micron Additive Manufacturing

Sourabh Kumar Saha, Robert Matthew Panas, Shih-Chi Chen
U.S. Patent 11,312,067
April 25, 2022

System with Buffer for Lateral Flow on a Porous Membrane

Jane P. Bearinger
U.S. Patent 11,320,432 B2
May 3, 2022

Tunnel Drift Step Recovery Diode

Lars F. Voss, Adam M. Conway, Luis M. Hernandez, Mark S. Rader
U.S. Patent 11,322,626 B2
May 3, 2022

Two-Color High Speed Thermal Imaging System for Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing Process Monitoring

Nicholas P. Calta, Gabe Guss, Manyalibo Joseph Matthews
U.S. Patent 11,338,390 B2
May 24, 2022

Systems and Methods for Additive Manufacturing to Encapsulate Transformative Colloidal Suspensions

Julie A. Mancini, Eric Duoss, Alexandra Golobic, Mark Christian Messner, Christopher Spadaccini, Kenneth J. Lob
U.S. Patent 11,339,847 B2
May 24, 2022