Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Anti-Clogging Filter System
Erik P. Brown
U.S. Patent 9,630,137 B2
April 25, 2017

High Surface Area Graphene-Supported Metal Chalcogenide Assembly
Marcus A. Worsley, Joshua D. Kuntz, Christine A. Orme
U.S. Patent 9,631,148 B2
April 25, 2017

Apolipoprotein Nanodiscs with Telodendrimer
Juntao Luo, Wei He, Kit S. Lam, Paul Henderson, Matthew Coleman, R. Holland Cheng, Li Xing
U.S. Patent 9,644,038 B2
May 9, 2017

Spectroscopic Quantification of Extremely Rare Molecular Species in the Presence of Interfering Optical Absorption
Ted Ognibene, Graham Bench, Alan Daniel McCartt, Kenneth Turteltaub, Chris W. Rella, Sze Tan, John A. Hoffnagle, Nabil Saad, Eric Crosson
U.S. Patent 9,645,077 B2
May 9, 2017

Conformal, Wearable, Thin Microwave Antenna for Sub-Skin and Skin Surface Monitoring
Mark C. Converse, John T. Chang, Eric B. Duoss
U.S. Patent 9,653,784 B2
May 16, 2017

Shape-Memory Polymer Foam Device for Treating Aneurysms
Jason M. Ortega, William J. Benett, Ward Small, Thomas S. Wilson, Duncan J. Maitland, Jonathan Hartman
U.S. Patent 9,662,119 B2
May 30, 2017