Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Diffractive Optical Elements for Transformation of Modes in Lasers
Arun K. Sridharan, Paul H. Pax, John E. Heebner, Derrek R. Drachenberg, James P. Armstrong, Jay W. Dawson
U.S. Patent 9,124,066 B2
September 1, 2015

Modular Microfluidic System for Biological Sample Preparation
Klint A. Rose, Raymond P. Mariella, Jr., Christopher G. Bailey, Kevin Dean Ness
U.S. Patent 9,144,799 B2
September 29, 2015

Full-Wave Receiver Architecture for the Homodyne Motion Sensor
Peter C. Haugen, Gregory E. Dallum, Patrick A. Welsh, Carlos E. Romero
U.S. Patent 9,146,311 B2
September 29, 2015

Directly Driven Source of Multi-Gigahertz, Sub-Picosecond Optical Pulses
Michael J. Messerly, Jay W. Dawson, Christopher P.J. Barty, David J. Gibson, Matthew A. Prantil, Eric Cormier
U.S. Patent 9,166,355
October 20, 2015