Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Isotope Specific Arbitrary Material Sorter
Christopher P. J. Barty
U.S. Patent 9,205,463 B2
December 8, 2015

Phase-Sensitive Two-Dimensional Neutron Shearing Interferometer and Hartmann Sensor
Kevin L. Baker
U.S. Patent 9,207,194 B2
December 8, 2015

Energy Storage Management System with Distributed Wireless Sensors
Joseph C. Farmer, Todd M. Bandhauer
U.S. Patent 9,209,501 B2
December 8, 2015

Methods for Point-of-Care Detection of Nucleic Acid in a Sample
Jane P. Bearinger, Lawrence C. Dugan
U.S. Patent 9,222,126 B2
December 29, 2015