Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Microfluidic Ultrasonic Particle Separators with Engineered Node Locations and Geometries
Klint A. Rose, Karl A. Fisher, Douglas A. Wajda, Raymond P. Mariella, Jr., Christopher Bailey, Dietrich Dehlinger, Maxim Shusteff, Byoungsok Jung, Kevin D. Ness
U.S. Patent 8,991,614 B2
March 31, 2015

Catalyst Functionalized Buffer Sorbent Pebbles for Rapid Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Gas Mixtures
Roger D. Aines
U.S. Patent 8,992,845 B2
March 31, 2015

Measurement of Wave-Front Aberration in a Small Telescope Remote Imaging System Using Scene-Based Wave-Front Sensing
Lisa A. Poyneer, Brian J. Bauman
U.S. Patent 8,995,787 B2
March 31, 2015

Liquid and Gel Electrodes for Transverse Free Flow Electrophoresis
Byoungsok Jung, Klint A. Rose, Maxim Shusteff, Alexandre Persat, Juan Santiago
U.S. Patent 8,999,129 B2
April 7, 2015

Monodisperse Microdroplet Generation and Stopping without Coalescence
Neil Reginald Beer
U.S. Patent 9,011,777 B2
April 21, 2015

Ultrafast Chirped Optical Waveform Recorder using a Time Microscope
Corey Vincent Bennett
U.S. Patent 9,013,705 B2
April 21, 2015

Method of Concurrently Filtering Particles and Collecting Gases
Mark A. Mitchell, Annemarie Meike, Brian L. Anderson
U.S. Patent 9,017,458 B2
April 28, 2015

System for Controlling Apnea
John F. Holzrichter
U.S. Patent 9,022,032 B2
May 5, 2015

Anti-Clogging Filter System
Erik P. Brown
U.S. Patent 9,034,066 B2
May 19, 2015

Micro-Fluidic Partitioning between Polymeric Sheets for Chemical Amplification and Processing
Brian L. Anderson
U.S. Patent 9,038,689 B2
May 26, 2015

Shape Memory Polymer Foams for Endovascular Therapies
Thomas S. Wilson, Duncan J. Maitland
U.S. Patent 9,039,733 B2
May 26, 2015

Protection of Porous Carbon Fuel Particles from Boudouard Corrosion
John F. Cooper
U.S. Patent 9,040,205 B2
May 26, 2015

Method for Chemical Amplification Based on Fluid Partitioning in an Immiscible Liquid
Brian L. Anderson, Bill W. Colston, Christopher J. Elkin
U.S. Patent RE45,539 E
June 2, 2015 (Reissued date)

Shape Memory Polymers
Thomas S. Wilson, Jane P. Bearinger
U.S. Patent 9,051,411 B2
June 9, 2015

System for Autonomous Monitoring of Bioagents
Richard G. Langlois, Fred P. Milanovich, Billy W. Colston, Jr., Steve B. Brown, Don A. Masquelier, Raymond P. Mariella, Jr., Kodomudi Venkateswaran
U.S. Patent 9,052,255 B2
June 9, 2015

Nanodevices for Generating Power from Molecules and Batteryless Sensing
Yinmin Wang, Xianying Wang, Alex V. Hamza
U.S. Patent 9,052,283 B2
June 9, 2015