Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nanoporous Carbon Actuator and Methods of Use Thereof
Juergen Biener, Theodore F. Baumann, Lihua Shao, Joerg Weissmueller
U.S. Patent 8,231,770 B2
July 31, 2012
An electrochemically drivable actuator includes a nanoporous carbon-aerogel composition that exhibits charge-induced reversible strain when it is wetted by an electrolyte and a voltage is applied. When the nanoporous carbon aerogel is wetted by an electrolyte, the actuator has a mechanism that applies a charge to induce reversible strain in the aerogel. A method is described for electrochemically actuating an object, which includes causing charge-induced reversible strain in a nanoporous carbon-aerogel composition wetted with an electrolyte to actuate the object by the strain.

Multiplex Detection of Respiratory Pathogens
Mary McBride, Thomas Slezak, James M. Birch
U.S. Patent 8,232,058 B2
July 31, 2012
These kits can be used to detect respiratory pathogens such as influenza A (including subtyping capability for H1, H3, H5, and H7 subtypes), influenza B, parainfluenza (type 2), respiratory syncytial virus, and adenovirus. Genomic sequence information from the respiratory pathogens was analyzed to identify signature sequences, such as polynucleotide sequences, and determine whether a pathogen is present in a sample. Primer and probe sets are optimized for use in a polymerase-chain-reactor–based, multiplexed Luminex assay to successfully identify the presence or absence of pathogens in a sample.

Method and System for Modulation of Gain Suppression in High Average Power Laser Systems
Andrew James Bayramian
U.S. Patent 8,233,511 B2
July 31, 2012
A high-average-power laser system with modulated gain suppression has input and output apertures associated with a first laser beam extraction path. The system also includes a pinhole-creation laser with its optical output directed along a pinhole creation path. An absorbing material is positioned along both paths. The system has a mechanism that translates the absorbing material in a direction crossing the first laser beam extraction path and a controller that modulates the second laser beam.

Magnetic Separation of Devitrified Particles from Corrosion-Resistant Iron-Based Amorphous Metal Powders
Phillip D. Hailey, Sumner D. Day, Joseph C. Farmer, Nancy Yang, Thomas M. Devine, Jr., Larry Kaufman
U.S. Patent 8,245,661 B2
August 21, 2012
This system for coating a surface requires a source of iron-based amorphous metal that includes devitrified ferrite. The system sprays the metal on a surface, separating at least a portion of the devitrified ferrite from the spray before the spray reaches the surface.