Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

System and Method for Compressive Scanning Electron Microscopy
Bryan W. Reed
U.S. Patent 8,933,401 B1
January 13, 2015

Signal Digitizing System and Method Based on Amplitude-to-Time Optical Mapping
Jason Chou
U.S. Patent 8,934,058 B2
January 13, 2015

Laser Beam Centering and Pointing System
Michael C. Rushford
U.S. Patent 8,934,097 B2
January 13, 2015

High Flux, Narrow Bandwidth Compton Light Sources Via Extended Laser-Electron Interactions
Christopher P. Barty
U.S. Patent 8,934,608 B2
January 13, 2015

Membranes with Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Pores for Selective Transport
Olgica Bakajin, Aleksandr Noy, Francesco Fornasiero, Hyung Gyu Park, Jason K. Holt, Sangil Kim
U.S. Patent 8,940,173 B2
January 27, 2015

Polymer-Encapsulated Carbon Capture Liquids that Tolerate Precipitation of Solids for Increased Capacity
Roger D. Aines, William L. Bourcier, Christopher M. Spadaccini, Joshuah K. Stolaroff
U.S. Patent 8,945,279 B2
February 3, 2015

Methods for Isolation and Viability Assessment of Biological Organisms
Sonia E. Letant, Sarah E. Baker, Tiziana Bond, Allan Shih-Ping Chang
U.S. Patent 8,947,657 B2
February 3, 2015

Super Capacitors with Fibers
Joseph C. Farmer, James Kaschmitter
U.S. Patent 8,958,198 B2
February 17, 2015