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Electric Field Driven Assembly of Ordered Nanocrystal Superlattices

Yixuan Yu, Joshua D. Kuntz, Christine A. Orme, Andrew J. Pascall
U.S. Patent 11,499,248 B2
November 15, 2022

Multifaceted Radiation Detection and Classification System

Simon E. Labov, Karl E. Nelson, Brandon S. Seilhan
U.S. Patent 11,513,253 B2
November 29, 2022

Component-Wise Reduced-Order Model Design Optimization such as for Lattice Design Optimization

Youngsoo Choi, Sean Laughlin Mcbane
U.S. Patent 11,514,210 B2
November 29, 2022

Wide Bandgap Optical Switch Circuit Breaker

Lars F. Voss, Adam M. Conway
U.S. Patent 11,522,542 B2
December 6, 2022

Laser Pulse Shaping for Additive Manufacturing

James A. DeMuth, Andrew J. Bayramian, Eric B. Duoss, Joshua D. Kuntz, Christopher M. Spadaccini
U.S. Patent 11,524,458 B2
December 13, 2022

System and Method for Ablation Assisted Nanostructure Formation for Graded Index Surfaces for Optics

Jae Hyuck Yoo, Eyal Feigenbaum
U.S. Patent 11,525,945 B2
December 13, 2022

Systems and Methods for a Supra-Fusion Graph Attention Model for Multi-Layered Embedding and Deep Learning Applications

Uday Shanthamallu, Jayaraman Thiagarajan, Andreas Spanias, Huan Song
U.S. Patent 11,526,765 B2
December 13, 2022

Post Polymerization Cure Shape Memory Polymers

Thomas S. Wilson, Michael Keith Hearon, Jane P. Bearinger
U.S. Patent 11,530,291 B2
December 20, 2022

System and Method for High Power Diode Based Additive Manufacturing

Bassem S. El-Dasher, Andrew Bayramian, James A. Demuth, Joseph C. Farmer, Sharon G. Torres
U.S. Patent 11,534,865 B2
December 27, 2022

Large Scale Synthesis of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Aerogel

Colin Loeb, Patrick Campbell, Jennifer Marie Knipe, Michael Stadermann
U.S. Patent 11,535,521 B2
December 27, 2022