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System and Method for Forming Material Substrate Printer

James A. Demuth, Andrew J. Bayramian, Bassem S. El-Dasher, Kevin J. Kramer
U.S. 11,446,741 B2
September 20, 2022

Non-Destructive, In-Situ Evaluation of Water Presence Using Thermal Contrast and Cooled Detector

Mihail Bora
U.S. 11,448,555 B2
September 20, 2022

Shape Memory Polymers

Thomas S. Wilson, Jane P. Bearinger
U.S. 11,453,740 B2
September 27, 2022

Surface Modification of Polymer Foams Using Plasma

Landon D. Nash, Duncan J. Maitland, Nicole Docherty, Thomas S. Wilson, Ward Small, IV, Jason Ortega, Pooja Singhal
U.S. 11,459,439 B2
October 4, 2022

Wavelength Selective Transfer of Optical Energy

Graham S. Allen, Diana C. Chen, Matthew J. Cook, Robert P. Crist, Derrek R. Drackenberg, Jay W. Dawson, Victor V. Kitrov, Leily Kiani, Michael J. Messerly, Paul H. Pax, Nick Schenkel
U.S. 11,460,639 B2
October 4, 2022

All Solid Hybrid Arrow Fiber

Paul H. Pax, Diana C. Chen, Michael J. Messerly
U.S. 11,462,878 B2
October 4, 2022

Methods for Cytotoxic Chemotherapy-Based Predictive Assays

Paul Henderson, George D. Cimino, Chong-Xian Pan, Ralph William de Vere White, Maike Zimmermann, Kenneth W. Turteltaub
U.S. 11,474,106 B2
October 18, 2022

Antigenic Combinations against Francisella Bacteria and Related Nanolipoprotein Particles, Compositions, Methods and Systems

Nicholas Fischer, Amy Rasley, Terry Wu, Julie Lovchik
U.S. 11,491,215 B2
November 8, 2022

Mitigation of the Harmful Effects of Stray-Light Reflections in High-Energy Laser Systems

Lynn G. Seppala, Alvin C. Erlandson
U.S. 11,493,756 B2
November 8, 2022

Localization Based on Time-Reversed Event Sounds

Jim Candy, Karl A. Fisher, Christopher Roland Candy
U.S. 11,495,243 B2
November 8, 2022

Synchronized Electric Meter Having an Atomic Clock

Liang Min, Can Huang
U.S. 11,496,143 B2
November 8, 2022