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Magnetic Nanostructures and Composites for Millimeter Wave Absorption

Jinkyu Han, Thomas Han
U.S. Patent 11,404,793 B2
August 2, 2022

Shape Memory Embolectomy Devices and Systems

Jason Szafron, Duncan Maitland, Ward Small, IV, Patrick Buckley, Andrea D. Muschenborn
U.S. Patent 11,406,401 B2
August 9, 2022

Liquid-Free Polymeric Reinforcement of Nanoscale Assemblies

Javier N. Lepro Chavez, Chantel M. Aracne-Ruddle, Salmaan H. Baxamusa, Michael Stadermann
U.S. Patent 11,408,074 B2
August 9, 2022

SI-Based CTE-Matched Substrate for Laser Diode Packaging

Susant Patra, Robert J. Deri, John W. Elmer
U.S. Patent 11,411,370 B2
August 9, 2022

Flow-Through Electrode Capacitive Deionization Cell

Patrick G. Campbell, Jennifer M. Knipe, Michael Stadermann
U.S. Patent 11,411,663 B2
August 9, 2022

Monolithic Rare Earth Oxide Aerogels

Marcus A. Worsley, Alexander E. Gash, Robert A. Reibold
U.S. Patent 11,414,598 B2
August 16, 2022

Indirect Conversion Nuclear Battery Using Transparent Scintillator Material

Joshua Jarrell, Nerine Cherepy, John Winter Murphy, Rebecca J. Nikolic, Erik Lars Swanberg, Jr.
U.S. Patent 11,415,713 B2
August 16, 2022

Optimization Control Technology for Building Energy Conservation

Yining Qin
U.S. Patent 11,416,739 B2
August 16, 2022

System and Method for Control of Compression in Internal Combustion Engine via Compression Ratio and Elastic Piston

Daniel L. Flowers
U.S. Patent 11,428,174 B2
August 30, 2022

Time-Gated Fast Neutron Transmission Radiography System and Method

Andrea Schmidt, Maurice B. Aufderheide, David Neal Fittinghoff, James M. Hall, Yuri Podpaly
U.S. Patent 11,428,831 B2
August 30, 2022