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Differential Holography

Frank Ravizza
U.S. 11,215,951 B2
January 4, 2022

Burst-Mode Chirped Pulse Amplification Method

Jeffrey D. Bude, David A. Alessi, Maurice B. Aufderheide, John E. Heebner, Andreas J. Kemp, Otto L. Landen, Andrew J. Mackinnon, Raluca A. Negres, Craig W. Siders, Scott C. Wilks, Wade H. Williams, Steven T. Yang, Thomas M. Spinka
U.S. 11,222,734 B2
January 11, 2022

Engineered Microbes for Rare Earth Element Absorption

Yongqin Jiao, Dan McFarland Park, Mimi Cho Young, David W. Reed
U.S. 11,230,750 B2
January 25, 2022

Wavelength Selective Filtering with Non-Radial Array of Microstructure Elements

Leily S. Kiani, Jay W. Dawson, Derrek R. Drachenberg, Michael J. Messerly, Paul H. Pax
U.S. 11,269,137 B2
March 8, 2022

Optical Authentication of Images

Maxwell R. Murialdo, Brian Giera, Brian M. Howell, Robert M. Panas
U.S. 11,271,747 B2
March 8, 2022

Metal-Overcoated Grating and Method

Hoang Nguyen, Jerald Britten
U.S. 11,333,807 B2
May 17, 2022

Non-Circular Optical Fiber and Mode Shape Converter and Method

Derrek R. Drachenburg, Graham S. Allen, Diana C. Chen, Matthew J. Cook, Robert P. Crist, Jay W. Dawson, Leily S. Kiani, Michael J. Messerly, Paul H. Pax, Nick Schenkel, Charles X. Yu
U.S. 11,340,396 B2
May 24, 2022

Mechanical Reticulation of Polymeric-Based Closed Cell Foams

Jennifer N. Rodriguez, Duncan J. Maitland, Thomas S. Wilson
U.S. 11,345,067 B2
May 31, 2022

Emulsion Stereolithography and 3D Printing of Multimaterials and Nanoscale Material Gradients

Xiaoyu Zheng, Joshua R. Deotte
U.S. 11,345,879 B2
May 31, 2022

Parallelized Multiple Nozzle System and Method to Produce Layered Droplets and Fibers for Microencapsulation

Congwang Ye, Julie A. Mancini, Kevin Scott Paulsen, William Smith
U.S. 11,351,514 B2
June 7, 2022