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Optically Enhanced Patternable Photosensitivity Via Oxygen Excitation

Ryan Hensleigh, Eric Duoss
U.S. Patent 10,668,708 B2
June 2, 2020

Systems for Mechanical Logic Based on Additively Manufacturable Micro-Mechanical Logic Gates

Andrew Pascall, Julie Mancini, Robert Matthew Panas, Yuanping Song, Jonathan Hopkins
U.S. Patent 10,678,293 B2
June 9, 2020

Containers and Refractory Metal Coating Therefore for Containing Radioactive Materials

Joseph C. Farmer, Jor-Shan Choi, Alexander M. Rubenchik
U.S. Patent 10,679,761 B2
June 9, 2020

Electrostatic Generator/Motor Electrodes Located on the Inner Surface of an Electromechanical Battery Rotor

Richard F. Post
U.S. Patent 10,693,343 B2
June 23, 2020

Multiple Pulse Charge Transfer for Capacitive Deionization of a Fluid

Michael Stadermann, Steven L. Hunter
U.S. Patent 10,696,571 B2
June 30, 2020

System and Method for Compact Adaptive Free Space Optical Communications

Robert Matthew Panas
U.S. Patent 10,700,779 B1
June 30, 2020

Fast, Efficient Direct Slicing Method for Lattice Structures

Mark Christian Messner
U.S. Patent 10,723,079 B2
July 28, 2020

Method Using an Electrostatic Generator/Motor Rotor Electrode System Suitable for Installation on the Outer Surface of an EMB Rotor

Richard F. Post, Lisle B. Hagler
U.S. Patent 10,727,763 B2
July 28, 2020

Direct Writing Nozzle System for Additive Manufacturing

Paul A. Rosso, Joshua D. Kuntz
U.S. Patent 10,730,138 B2
August 4, 2020

Processable, Tunable Thio-Ene Crosslinked Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers

Keith Hearon, Landon D. Nash, Thomas Wilson, Duncan J. Maitland, Mark A. Wierzbicki
U.S. Patent 10,730,991 B2
August 4, 2020