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Electrostatic Generator Electrode-Centering and Seismic-Isolation System for Flywheel-Based Energy Storage Modules 

Richard F. Post
U.S. Patent 10,541,586 B2
January 21, 2020

Solvent Depression of Transition Temperature to Selectively Stimulate Actuation of Shape Memory Polymer Foams 

Anthony J. Boyle, Keith Hearon, Duncan J. Maitland, Landon D. Nash, Thomas S. Wilson
U.S. Patent 10,548,608 B2 
February 4, 2020

Pulse-Train Drive System for Electrostatic Generators and Motors

Richard F. Post, Edward G. Cook
U.S. Patent 10,554,151 B2
February 4, 2020

Accelerating Fissile Material Detection with a Neutron Source

Mark S. Rowland, Neal J. Snyderman
U.S. Patent 10,557,950 B2
February 11, 2020

System and Method for Portable Multi-Band Black Body Simulator

Nicholas Calta, Gabe Guss, Manyalibo Joseph Matthews
U.S. Patent 10,564,039 B2
February 18, 2020

Ion Conductive Inks and Solutions for Additive Manufacturing of Lithium Microbatteries

Eric B. Duoss, Patrick G. Campbell, William C. Floyd, III, Julie A. Mancini, Matthew Merrill, Conner T. Sharpe, Christopher M. Spadaccini, Michael Stadermann, Cheng Zhu
U.S. Patent 10,566,595 B2
February 18, 2020