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Nanostructured Layer for Graded Index Freeform Optics

Eyal Feigenbaum
U.S. Patent 10,612,145 B2
April 7, 2020

Heat Treatment to Anneal Residual Stresses During Additive Manufacturing

James A. DeMuth, Andrew Bayramian, Bassem S. El-dasher, Joseph C. Farmer, Kevin J. Kramer, Alexander Rubenchik
U.S. Patent 10,618,111 B2
April 14, 2020

Compact Absorptivity Measurement System for Additive Manufacturing

Alexander M. Rubenchik, Manyalibo Joseph Matthews, Johannes Trapp
U.S. Patent 10,646,960 B2
May 12, 2020

Mechanical Reticulation of Polymeric-Based Closed Cell Foams

Jennifer N. Rodriguez, Duncan J. Maitland, Thomas S. Wilson
U.S. Patent 10,647,037 B2
May 12, 2020

System and Method for Computed Axial Lithography (CAL) for 3D Additive Manufacturing

Brett Kelly, Robert Panas, Maxim Shusteff, Christopher Spadaccini, Hayden Taylor, lndrasen Bhattacharya
U.S. Patent 10,647,061 B2
May 12, 2020

System and Method for Light Assisted Friction Stir Processing and Welding of Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials

Joseph C. Farmer, Alexander M. Rubenchik, Raymond J. Beach, Robert J. Deri, Edward I. Moses, Bassem S. El-Dasher, Sarath K. Menon, Terry McNelley
U.S. Patent 10,647,064 B2
May 12, 2020

Concentric Semi-Circular Split Profiling for Computed Tomographic Imaging of Electronic Beams

John W. Elmer, Alan T. Teruya
U.S. Patent 10,649,102 B2
May 12, 2020

Systems and Methods for Additive Manufacturing to Encapsulate Transformative Colloidal Suspensions

Julie A. Jackson, Eric Duoss, Alexandra Golobic, Mark Christian Messner, Christopher Spadaccini, Kenneth J. Loh
U.S. Patent 10,661,549 B2
May 26, 2020