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Laser-Driven Hydrothermal Processing

Raymond P. Mariella, Jr., Alexander M. Rubenchik, Mary A. Norton
U.S. Patent 10,583,526 B2
March 10, 2020

Symmetric Out-of-Plane Configurations of Diffractive Gratings and Method

Emily F. Link, David A. Alessi, Leon C. Haefner, Jerald A. Britten
U.S. Patent 10,594,106 B2
March 17, 2020

Personal Electronic Device for Performing Multimodal Imaging for Non-Contact Identification of Multiple Biometric Traits

Stavros Demos
U.S. Patent 10,599,932 B2
March 24, 2020

Shape Memory Polymer Foams for Endovascular Therapies

Thomas S. Wilson, Duncan J. Maitland
U.S. Patent 10,610,230 B2
April 7, 2020