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Spatter Reduction Laser Scanning Strategy in Selective Laser Melting

Saad Khairallah
U.S. Patent 10,449,632 B2
October 22, 2019

Microscale Sensors for Direct Metrology of Additively Manufactured Features

Sourabh Saha, Robert Matthew Panas, Michael A. Cullinan, Ian Seth Ladner
U.S. Patent 10,451,539 B2
October 22, 2019

Laser-Assisted Additive Manufacturing

Stavros Demos
U.S. Patent 10,471,543 B2
November 12, 2019

Ortho-H2 Refueling for Extended Cryogenic Pressure Vessel Dormancy

Guillaume Petitpas, Salvador M. Aceves
U.S. Patent 10,479,678 B2
November 19, 2019

System and Method for Synthesis of Impedance Matching and Signal Converting Material for All Optical Photo-Acoustic Detection

Stavros Demos
U.S. Patent 10,485,427 B2
November 26, 2019

Post Polymerization Cure Shape Memory Polymers

Thomas S. Wilson, Michael Keith Hearon, Jane P. Bearinger
U.S. Patent 10,494,470 B2
December 3, 2019

Methods for 2-Color Radiography with Laser-Compton X-Ray Sources

Christopher P. J. Barty
U.S. Patent 10,508,998 B2
December 17, 2019

Using Colloidal Silica as a Zonal Isolation Material and Fast Path Blocker in Geological Formations

William L. Bourcier, Sarah K. Roberts, Jeffery J. Roberts, Souheil M. Ezzedine, Jonathan D. Hunt
U.S. Patent 10,538,990 B2
January 21, 2020