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Polymer-Carbon Composites for Temperature-Dependent Electrical Switching Applications

James Lewicki, Marcus Worsley
U.S. Patent 10,276,286 B2
April 30, 2019

Few-View Image Reconstruction

Kyle Champley
U.S. Patent 10,282,869 B2
May 7, 2019

Microporous Membrane for Stereolithography Resin Delivery

Joshua R. Deotte
U.S. Patent 10,286,600 B2
May 14, 2019

Polishing Slurry Preventing Agglomeration of Charged Colloids without Loss of Surface Activity

Rebecca Dylla-Spears, Michael Feit, Phillip E. Miller, William A. Steele, Tayyab I. Suratwala, Lana L. Wong
U.S. Patent 10,287,457 B2
May 14, 2019