Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

High Temperature Oxygen Treated Carbon Aerogels
Michael Stadermann, Theodore F. Baumann, Alexander E. Gash, Alex P. Parra
U.S. Patent 10,008,338 B2
June 26, 2018

Three-Dimensional Electronic Scaffold for Cardiac Applications
Fang Qian, Mihail Bora, Eric Duoss, Christopher Spadaccini, Cheng Zhu
U.S. Patent 10,018,615 B2
July 10, 2018

Separation of a Target Substance from a Fluid or Mixture Using Encapsulated Sorbents
Roger D. Aines, Christopher M. Spadaccini, Joshuah K. Stolaroff, William L. Bourcier, Jennifer A. Lewis, Eric B. Duoss, John J. Vericella
U.S. Patent 10,029,206 B2
July 24, 2018

Waveguide Design for Line Selection in Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers
Paul H. Pax, Graham S. Allen, Jay W. Dawson, Derrek Reginald Drachenberg, Victor V. Khitrov, Michael J. Messerly, Nick Schenkel
U.S. Patent 10,033,148 B2
July 24, 2018

Architected Materials and Structures to Control Shock Output Characteristics
Alexander E. Gash, Eric B. Duoss, Joshua D. Kuntz, Kyle T. Sullivan, John Vericella, Bradley W. White
U.S. Patent 10,036,616 B2
July 31, 2018

Stent with Expandable Foam
Thomas S. Wilson, Duncan J. Maitland, Ward Small, IV, Patrick R. Buckley, William J. Benett, Jonathan Hartman, David A. Saloner
U.S. Patent 10,080,642 B2
September 25, 2018