Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Battery Management Systems with Thermally Integrated Fire Suppression
Todd W. Bandhauer, Joseph C. Farmer
U.S. Patent 9,704,384 B2
July 11, 2017

Modulated Method for Efficient, Narrow-Bandwidth, Laser Compton X-ray and Gamma-ray Sources
Christopher P.J. Barty
U.S. Patent 9,706,631 B2
July 11, 2017

Silicone Elastomers Capable of Large Isotropic Dimensional Change
James Lewicki, Marcus A. Worsley
U.S. Patent 9,708,451 B2
July 18, 2017

Mobile App for Chemical Detection
Gregory Klunder, Chadway R. Cooper, Joe H. Satcher, Jr., Ephraim A. Tekle
U.S. Patent 9,708,641 B2
July 18, 2017

Tricyclic Gyrase Inhibitors
Daniel Bensen, Zhiyong Chen, John Finn, Thanh To Lam, Suk Joong Lee, Xiaoming Li, Douglas W. Phillipson, Leslie William Tari, Michael Trzoss, Junhu Zhang, Felice C. Lightstone, Toan B. Nguyen, Sergio E. Wong, Paul Aristoff, Michael Jung
U.S. Patent 9,732,083 B2
August 15, 2017

Non-Contacting “Snubber Bearing” for Passive Magnetic Bearing Systems
Richard F. Post
U.S. Patent 9,739,307 B2
August 22, 2017