ELCOME to the first issue of Science and Technology Review (S&TR), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's monthly magazine. Part of our responsibility as a national laboratory is to inform the country about our work and accomplishments as we address science and technology problems of national importance. As many of our readers are aware, we published S&TR's predecessor Energy and Technology Review (E&TR) for two decades.
Over the years, E&TR evolved as we made changes in format, design, and style to enhance our ability to explain the Laboratory's work to an audience with, frequently, a more than basic scientific background. S&TR is a natural outgrowth of this evolutionary process. Upon the 20th anniversary of E&TR, we thought it fitting to examine the publication once again to see what could be done to make it still more effective. We confirmed that the journal reflected the wide variety of science and technology being explored at the Laboratory.
As part of this review, we prepared a mission statement that reflects the essence of the new publication's goal: The purpose of S&TR is to communicate, to a broad audience, the Laboratory's scientific and technological accomplishments, particularly in the core mission areas of the Laboratory. The publication does more than just inform people of these accomplishments: it helps readers understand them and appreciate their value to the individual citizen, the nation, and the world.
We also recognized that, like everyone else these days, our readership is extremely busy and often does not have the time to read lengthy articles. Feature articles describing the Laboratory's major accomplishments, projects, and programs will continue to be the mainstay of the journal. We will endeavor, however, to always provide these descriptions in language understandable by educated, interested nonexperts. Feature articles will be supplemented with briefs and research highlights describing, in a few paragraphs or pages, progress in previously reported projects, recent achievements in ongoing programs, and the start of exciting new research efforts. Also included will be a list of recent patents awarded and licensing agreements signed, which will illustrate the scale and scope of the Laboratory's work. In addition, a new commentary column will provide a forum for members of the Laboratory's top technical management to give their views on important institutional and programmatic issues and on external events affecting the Laboratory's current status and future direction.
Finally, we changed the name of our publication to Science and Technology Review to better reflect the Laboratory's mission of applying a broad range of science and technology in the national interest.
In addition to the changes in the journal, we have evaluated its availability and concluded that we could significantly improve the dissemination of technical information about Laboratory programs. During the next several months, we will be adding interested readers to the distribution list. We are also taking advantage of modern information technology by making S&TR available electronically on the Internet via the Laboratory's home page at http://www.llnl.gov or directly at ./str.html. Electronic access will lead to a wider distribution for the journal and to increased technical interactions with researchers elsewhere. As the Laboratory's electronic library grows, we will include hypertext links to technical references in S&TR articles. In this way, we will be able to tailor our articles to a nonexpert audience while providing those readers who desire more specifics with easy access to the detailed technical information.
To help us assess whether we are reaching the goals set for S&TR, we encourage you to complete and return the survey printed on the inside back cover of the magazine. This survey will be a regular part of the journal and our way of staying in close touch with the opinions and desires of our readers. You may also e-mail comments to us by clicking on the hunter6@llnl.gov link at the bottom of our S&TR home page.
Once again, welcome to S&TR. We hope that you will enjoy the publication and find its information interesting and useful.

William Bookless, Scientific Editor
Science and Technology Review

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