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Laboratory Deputy Director Steve Liedle presented 11 Livermore recipients with the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) 2007 Outstanding Mentor Award. Recipients included Malvin Kalos and Patrick Brantley of the Weapons and Complex Integration Directorate; Pam Hullinger of the Physical Sciences Directorate; Richard Johnson and Dan White of the Engineering Directorate; Eivind Almaas, Ted Laurence, and Michael Thelen of the Chemistry, Materials, Earth, and Life Sciences Directorate; Dustin Froula and Wren Carr of the National Ignition Facility and Photon Science Directorate; and Ming Jiang of the Computation Directorate. The DOE Outstanding Mentor Award program began in 2002 as an effort to establish a culture that values mentorship within the DOE national laboratories. This year a total of 83 awards were presented to recipients from DOE national laboratories.

Judy Kim, a graduate student from the University of California at Davis and a Lawrence Fellow in the Chemistry, Materials, Earth, and Life Sciences Directorate, received the John Farrant Memorial Award for her abstract and research entitled, “Nanosecond Imaging in the Dynamic TEM [Transmission Electron Microscope] Reveals Unquenchable Transient Microstructure.” The award, which includes $1,000, is presented to a student who has demonstrated a scientifically significant study in the physical sciences.

Ida Shum, a business development executive within the Laboratory’s Industrial Partnerships Office, has been elected Far West Regional Coordinator for the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer. Shum will offer information on best practices for technology transfer, address tech-transfer barriers, assist with training, and help bring the public and private sectors together to commercialize new technologies.

The XX25 Fuel Cell developed by UltraCell Corporation and based on Livermore-developed technology captured the 2008 Best Soldier System Innovation and Technology Award. The micro fuel cell serves as a power source for computing, communications, and sensing devices used in critical mobile and remote operations. These can include military missions, emergency and disaster response, remote surveillance, and field research and exploration. UltraCell has an exclusive license with the Laboratory for micro fuel cell technology.

Two Lawrence Livermore fusion pioneers, Dick Post and John Nuckolls, will be honored when Fusion Power Associates holds its first meeting ever on site at Livermore, December 3–4, 2008. Post came to the Laboratory within months of its founding in 1952 and has conducted magnetic fusion energy and other scientific research for 56 years, still coming into work several days a week now at age 89. Nuckolls came to the Laboratory in 1955. His 53-year career has been devoted to the development of advanced inertial fusion concepts and applications. Today, Nuckolls is focused on the National Ignition Facility Campaign and beyond ignition and gain to the development of laser-fusion power.

Livermore’s Technology Resources Engineering Division (TRED) received two awards from the National Safety Council after surpassing 1 million work hours and 12 months without a lost workday injury or illness. The division’s employees routinely work with a wide range of hazardous materials and operations in support of the Laboratory’s research programs and infrastructure maintenance. The division received the awards Million Hours Worked and Perfect Record for working one year without an occupational injury. TRED has continued to extend its safety record to more than 1.1 million hours and 17 months without an occupational injury or illness resulting in days away from work.

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