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September/October S&TR Cover

September/October 2008

The Laboratory in the News

Answering Scientists’ Most Audacious Questions
Commentary by Dona Crawford

Testing the Accuracy of the Supernova Yardstick
High-resolution simulations are advancing understanding of Type 1a supernovae to help uncover the mysteries of dark energy.

Developing New Drugs and Personalized Medical Treatment
Accelerator mass spectrometry is emerging as an essential tool for assessing the effects of drugs in humans.

Triage in a Patch
A painless skin patch and accompanying detector can quickly indicate human exposure to biological pathogens, chemicals, explosives, or radiation.

Smoothing Out Defects for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
A process for smoothing mask defects helps move extreme ultraviolet lithography one step closer to creating smaller, more powerful computer chips.


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