Robert J. Deri
Polarization-Independent Optical Wavelength Filter for Channel Dropping Applications
U.S. Patent 5,515,461
May 7, 1996
The elimination of polarization dependence of optical wavelength filters by using waveguide directional couplers. Material birefringence is used to compensate for the waveguide birefringence, the original cause of the polarization dependence, and is introduced in a controllable fashion by replacing bulk waveguide layers by finely layered composites, such as multiple quantum wells using III-V semiconductor materials.

Joseph C. Farmer, Francis T. Wang, Robert G. Hickman, Patricia R. Lewis
Mediated Electrochemical Oxidation of Organic Wastes without Electrode Separator
U.S. Patent 5,516,972
May 14, 1996
An electrochemical cell/electrolyte/mediator combination for the efficient destruction of organic contaminants using cobalt salt mediators in a sulfuric acid electrolyte. Electrodes and mediator are chosen so that hydrogen gas is produced at the cathode and Co(II) is oxidized at the anode to produce Co(III), which converts the organics to CO2. No electrode separator is required, so simple, inexpensive large-scale systems can be built.

Thomas E. McEwan
Ultra-Wideband Directional Sampler
U.S. Patent 5,517,198
May 14, 1996
A four-port device that combines the function of a directional coupler with a high-speed sampler. Two of the four ports operate at a high sub-nanosecond speed in real time, and the other two operate at a slow millisecond-speed, in "equivalent time." A signal flowing to either of the high-speed ports is sampled and coupled, in equivalent time, to the adjacent equivalent-time port while being isolated from the opposite port.

Christopher D. Marshall, Stephen A. Payne, William F. Krupke
Optically Pumped Cerium-Doped LiSrAlF6 and LiCaAlF6
U.S. Patent 5,517,516
May 14, 1996
System in which cerium-doped laser crystals are pumped by ultraviolet light, which is polarized along the c axis of the crystals to effectively energize the laser. The crystals have the formula XYZF6 where X is Li, Na, K, or Rb; Y is Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, or Cd; and Z is Al, Ga, or Sc. The p-polarized pump source reduces polarization-dependent excited-state absorption by the laser crystal.

Thomas E. McEwan
Transient Digitizer with Displacement Current Samplers
U.S. Patent 5,519,342
May 21, 1996
A digitizer architecture using high-speed sample gates that is economical, easy to manufacture, and very fast. The digitizer has a sample transmission line, strobe transmission line, and samplers connected to the sample transmission line at a plurality of positions. The samplers with a two-diode sampling bridge are connected to a meandered sample transmission line.


Former Associate Director for what is now the Biology and Biotechnology Research Program, Mort Mendelsohn recently received Japan's prestigious Third Order of the Sacred Treasure, the country's highest civilian honor, for his work in studying the health effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. He also has just been named an honorary fellow of the international Society of Analytical Cytology, which he founded in the late 1970s.
For his outstanding contributions in model-based acoustic signal pressing, James Candy was recently named a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America. Candy is director of the Laboratory's Center for Advanced Signal and Image Sciences in the Laser Programs Directorate. His 20-year career at LLNL includes work in signal and image processing, sound propagation, and laser ultrasonics. Recently his work has concentrated on acoustic sound, such as in ocean acoustics and prosthetic heart valve classification.
Former Laboratory Director John H. Nuckolls was recently honored as recipient of the 1996 Distinguished Career Award from Fusion Power Associates. The award recognizes Nuckolls for "pioneering work in inertial confinement fusion, support of the fusion program during his tenure as director of LLNL, his visionary papers and speeches relating to fusion development, and his incisive technical challenges to the fusion development program." Given annually since 1987, the award is presented to individuals who, in the judgment of the FPA board of directors, have made distinguished lifelong career contributions that have benefited fusion development.
Electrical engineer Kent McCammon is a recipient of the California State Polytechnic University (San Luis Obispo) 1996 Medallion Award. It is one of seven awards given out each year to alumni of the university's Engineering Department for furthering the education of students. McCammon was honored for his contributions to the engineering profession and for his efforts to assist students on campus. Manager of the Cal Poly Graduate Internship Program between the Lab and the University, McCammon follows in the footsteps of the program's founder, Jim McQuaid, also a Cal Poly graduate and the first manager of the internship program, which is now 10 years old.
For his work in molten-salt destruction for high explosives, Ravi Upadhye has been named this year's recipient of the Professional Progress Award from the Northern California section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
A 1996 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) award for excellence in technology transfer was recently presented to Ronald G. Musket and Jeffrey D. Morse for their work in large-area, flat-panel displays. This unique field-emission technology has the potential to greatly change the computer and TV display markets.
Erratum: In June, we mistakenly reported 1994 awards from the FLC as having just been presented. Please accept our apology.