Raymond P. Mariella, Jr. and Gregory A. Cooper
"Infrared-Sensitive Photocathode"
U.S. Patent 5,404,026
Issued April 4, 1995
A single-crystal, multilayer device incorporating an IR absorbing layer that is compositionally different from the GaxAl1-xSb layer, which acts as the electron emitter. Different IR absorbing layers can be used, limited only by the ability to grow quality material on a chosen substrate.

Arnold C. Lange
"Base Drive Circuit"
U.S. Patent 5,404,052
Issued April 4, 1995
Electronic circuitry for controlling bistable switching circuits, particularly high-power circuits for an electron-beam gun or electric motor. The switching control circuit ensures that bipolar power sources are not shorted together. A pair of solid-state output devices are connected to a level shifter through a pair of nonlinear delays.

Blake Myers
"Ceramic Tile Expansion Engine Housing"
U.S. Patent 5,404,793
Issued April 11, 1995
A high-temperature engine housing, including interlocking ceramic tiles that form an expandable ceramic housing; a pressurizable external metal housing that provides a support for the ceramic tiles; and means for thermally insulating the metal housing from the ceramic housing.

Stanley W. Thomas
"Image Intensifier Gain Uniformity Improvements in Sealed Tubes by Selective Scrubbing"
U.S. Patent 5,408.087
Issued April 18, 1995 A microchannel-plate image intensifier having a photocathode that is damaged to reduce high-gain areas. The high-gain sections are selectively scrubbed with a controlled bright light source.

Ronald E. English, Jr. and John J. Christensen
"Optical Power Splitter for Splitting High Power Light"
U.S. Patent 5,408,553
Issued April 18, 1995
A prism segmenter having a plurality of prisms arranged about a central axis John J. Christensen High Power Light for forming a plurality of divided beams of light from a single beam of light without using complex optical pathways or sensitive components.

Thomas M. Tillotson, John F. Poco, Lawrence W. Hrubesh, and Ian M. Thomas
"Method for Producing Metal Oxide Aerogels"
U.S. Patent 5,409,683
Issued April 25, 1995.
A two-step hydrolysis-condensation method to form metal-oxide aerogels of John F. Poco Oxide Aerogels any density, including densities of less than 0.003g/cm3 and greater than 0.27g/cm3. A condensed metal intermediate is formed and can be stored for future use.

John S. Toeppen
"Method and Apparatus for Holographic Wavefront Diagnostics"
U.S. Patent 5,410,397
Issued April 25, 1995.
A wavefront diagnostic apparatus and method for determining the parallelism of the rays of light within a beam of light by comparing projected and reference holographic images. Other geometric parameters can be measured using these diffractive optical elements.

Mark A. Rhodes
"Magnetron Cathodes in Plasma Electrode Pockels Cells"
U.S. Patent 5,410,425
Issued April 25, 1995.
An electro-optic switch using magnetron cathodes as plasma electrodes. A low-pressure ionized gas is formed on both sides of the crystal. A magnetic field is produced by permanent magnets or electromagnets near the surface of the cathode.


The 1995 R&D Awards were given to five Laboratory groups for 1995 achievements in scientific and technological breakthroughs. Given by the Chicago-based R&D Magazine, 100 of these prestigious awards are presented each year. Following are the technologies and LLNL personnel involved.

  • Sealed Tube Electron Beam Guns for Material Processing: Booth Myers, Hao-Lin Chen, James Davin, and Glenn Meyer, and George Wakalopulos and Peter Bond, American International Technologies, Inc.
  • Miniature Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer: Daniel Dietrich and Robert Keville.
  • All-Solid-State Laser with Diode Irradiance Conditioning: Raymond Beach, Christopher Marshall, Mark Emanuel, Stephen Payne, William Benett, Barry Freitas, Steven Mills, Scott Mitchell, Charles Petty, John Lang, and Larry Smith.
  • High Average Power Solid-State Laser with High Pulse Energy and Low Beam Divergence: Clifford Dany, Lloyd Hackel, and Mary Norton.
  • Aerogel Process Technology: A shared award for two different processes (1) Injection Molding Process for Rapid Production of Net-Shaped Aerogels: Lawrence Hrubesh, Paul Coronado, and John Poco. (2) Capacitive Deionization with Carbon Aerogel Electrodes: Joseph Farmer, Richard Pekala, David Fix, Gregory Mack, John Poco, William Grant, and Charles Pomernacki.

    The Laboratory received a 1995 National DOE Pollution Prevention Award for achievement in recycling hazardous materials. Specifically recognized were eight employees in Plant Operations that received the National Award for Radioactive/Hazardous Waste Recycling. They are Keith Gilbert, Mike Hayes, Rod Hollister, Charlie Patterson, Linda Souza, and Robert Wiebers. The Laboratory's Hazardous Waste Management's CHemical Exchange Warehouse (CHEW) received a special mention, as did its developers Marjorie Gonzalez and Mike DeMicco.