Fred Mitlitsky, Joel B. Truher, James L. Kaschmitter, and Nicholas J. Colella
Fabrication of Polycrystalline Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Processing
U.S. Patent 5,714,404
February 3, 1998
A method for fabricating polycrystalline thin films on low- or high-temperature substrates. Processing temperatures are low enough to avoid damaging the substrate. Selected layers of the thin films are transiently heated with at least one pulse of a laser or other homogenized beam source, allowing recrystallization and/or dopant activation. This method is particularly applicable for fabricating solar cells.

P. Henrik Wallman and George E. Vogtlin
Diesel NOX Reduction by Plasma-Regenerated Absorbent Beds
U.S. Patent 5,715,677
February 10, 1998
A process for reducing NOX and particulates from diesel engine exhaust by using plasma-regenerated absorbent beds. NOX is alternately absorbed onto one of two solid-absorbent beds that act as physical traps for particulates. Periodically, a plasma is discharged across the bed for regenerating the absorbing material, followed by air oxidation of the trapped particulate matter. The process can be used for mobile and stationary diesel engines as well as for lean-burn gasoline engines.


Former editor of Science & Technology Review Ravi Upadhye has been elected a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Upadhye has been active in the organization, serving as chairman of local chapters and recipient of the society's Professional Progress Award for his work in molten salt destruction of high explosives.
For innovative use of the Internet to securely exchange financial information and pay its bills electronically, the Laboratory has won the prestigious 1998 George Mitchell Payment System Excellence Award from the National Automated Clearing House Association. Innovators behind the system are John Rhodes and Chip Hatfield. Last year, the Laboratory also won an award for these efforts from the International Institute of Business Technologies.

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