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October 2005


The Laboratory in the News

Important Missions, Great Science, and Innovative Technology
Commentary by Cherry A. Murray

NanoFoil® Solders with Less Heat
Soldering and brazing to join an array of materials are now possible without furnaces, torches, or lead.

Detecting Radiation on the Move
An award-winning technology can detect even small amounts of radioactive material in transit.

Identifying Airborne Pathogens in Time to Respond
A mass spectrometer identifies airborne spores in less than a minute with virtually no false positives.

Picture Perfect with VisIt
The Livermore-developed software tool VisIt helps scientists visualize and analyze large data sets.

Revealing the Mysteries of Water
Scientists are using Livermore’s Thunder supercomputer and new algorithms to understand the phases of water.

Lightweight Target Generates Bright, Energetic X Rays
Livermore scientists are producing aerogel targets for use in inertial confinement fusion experiments and radiation-effects testing.

Patents and Awards

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