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October S&TR 2003 Magazine Cover


The Laboratory in the News

Award-Winning Technologies from Collaborative Efforts
Commentary by Hal Graboske

Edward Teller (1908–2003)
A life dedicated to science.

BASIS Counters Airborne Bioterrorism
The Biological Aerosol Sentry and Information System is the first integrated biodefense system.

In the Chips for the Coming Decade
A new system is the first full-field lithography tool for use at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths.

Smoothing the Way to Print the Next Generation of Computer Chips
With ion-beam thin-film planarization, the reticles and projection optics made for extreme ultraviolet lithography are nearly defect-free.

Eyes Can See Clearly Now
The MEMS-based adaptive optics phoropter improves the process of measuring and correcting eyesight aberrations.

This Switch Takes the Heat
A thermally compensated Q-switch reduces the light leakage on high-average-power lasers.

Laser Process Forms Thick, Curved Metal Parts
A new process shapes parts to exact specifications, improving their resistance to fatigue and corrosion cracking.

Characterizing Tiny Objects without Damaging Them
Livermore researchers are developing nondestructive techniques to probe the Lilliputian world of mesoscale objects.

Patents and Awards

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