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The American Nuclear Society has awarded the prestigious 2003 Edward Teller Medal to veteran Laboratory researcher Laurance J. Suter. Suter, who leads the Hohlraum Dynamics Group in Livermore’s A-X Division, is an expert in the design and use of hohlraums, the tiny gold containers that hold a laser target as intense x rays heat it during inertial confinement fusion experiments.
In announcing the award, the society recognized Suter “for his seminal work on almost all aspects of laser hohlraum physics. During the past 20 years, he has become widely known as one of the world’s leading experts on laser hohlraum physics, with contributions on many topics, including x-ray conversion and drive in hohlraums, symmetry control, the impact of pulse shaping on capsule implosion, and development of a wide variety of experimental techniques to verify and improve the computational models.”

John Elmer, who leads the Materials Joining Group in Livermore’s Chemistry and Materials Science Directorate, has been named a 2003 American Society for Metals (ASM) Fellow in recognition of his innovative contributions to the use of synchrotron radiation to welding science. Elmer was cited “for development and application of synchrotron-based, in situ, spatially resolved x-ray diffraction techniques to permit quantitative understanding of phase transformation kinetics during fusion welding.”
ASM International is the society for materials engineers and scientists worldwide who are dedicated to advancing industry, technology, and applications of metals and materials. In 1969, ASM established the honor of Fellow to recognize members for distinguished contributions in the field of materials science and engineering, and to develop a broadly based forum for technical and professional leaders to serve as advisors to the society. The Fellows provide the board of trustees with guidance that enhances the capability of ASM as a technical and professional society to serve the technical community in the field of materials science and engineering.

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