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October 2006


The Laboratory in the News

Innovative Solutions Reap Rewards
Commentary by George H. Miller

Surveillance on the Fly
An airborne surveillance system can track up to 8,000 moving objects in an area the size of a small city.

A Detector Radioactive Particles Can’t Evade
An ultrahigh-resolution spectrometer can detect the minute thermal energy deposited by a single gamma ray or neutron.

Babel Speeds Communication among Programming Languages
The Babel program allows software applications in different programming languages to communicate quickly.

A Gem of a Software Tool
The data-mining software Sapphire allows scientists to analyze enormous data sets generated by diverse applications.

Interferometer Improves the Search for Planets
With externally dispersed interferometry, astronomers can use an inexpensive, compact instrument to search for distant planets.

Efficiently Changing the Color of Laser Light
Yttrium—calcium—oxyborate crystals provide an efficient, compact approach to wavelength conversion for high-average-power lasers.

Pocket-Sized Test Detects Trace Explosives
A detection kit sensitive to more than 30 explosives provides an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool for security forces everywhere.

Tailor-Made Microdevices Serve Big Needs
The Center for Micro- and Nanotechnology develops tiny devices for national security.

Patents and Awards

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