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November 2001

The Laboratory
in the News

Commentary by
Hal Graboske

Welding Science:
A New Look at a

Probing the
Subsurface with

Probing the Liquid
Water Surface

New Targets for
Inertial Fusion






At the American Vacuum Society’s 48th International Symposium held in San Francisco, California, in late October, Eli Rotenberg, a staff scientist at the Laboratory, received the Peter Mark Memorial Award for “furthering our knowledge of nanophase and reduced dimensionality systems by creative use of angle-resolved photoemission.” The symposium was held in conjunction with the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Application’s 15th International Vacuum Congress and the 11th International Conference on Solid Surfaces.

Nuclear engineer Craig Smith has become a fellow of the American Nuclear Society. Smith was honored for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of nuclear health, safety, and regulation as well as for his work in radiation protection and waste management. He has 30 years of experience in the nuclear and environmental fields and is leader of the Laboratory’s Fission Energy and Systems Safety program. In this position, Smith oversees research in nuclear technology and system safety; the Argus security system for nuclear facilities, Livermore, and other laboratories; and the Laboratory’s support to the Department of Energy in monitoring the purchase of highly enriched uranium from Russia. Smith has also led several collaborative projects with research institutes in the former Soviet Union.



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