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Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth Voice Coding
John F. Holzrichter, Lawrence C. Ng
U.S. Patent 7,162,415 B2
January 9, 2007
This system removes excess information from a human speech signal, codes the remaining signal information, transmits the coded signal, and reconstructs it. The system uses one or more electromagnetic wave sensors and one or more acoustic microphones to determine at least one characteristic of the human speech signal.

Nucleotide Sequences Specific to Francisella tularensis and Methods for the Detection of Francisella tularensis
Paula M. McCready, Lyndsay Radnedge, Gary L. Andersen,
Linda L. Ott, Thomas R. Slezak, Thomas A. Kuczmarski,
Elizabeth A. Vitalis
U.S. Patent 7,172,868 B2
February 6, 2007
Nucleotide sequences can be developed specific to Francisella tularensis to serve as a marker or signature for identifying this bacterium. In addition, forward and reverse primers and hybridization probes derived from these sequences can be used to detect the presence of the bacterium.

Compact Accelerator
George J. Caporaso, Stephen E. Sampayan, Hugh C. Kirbie
U.S. Patent 7,173,385 B2
February 6, 2007
This compact linear accelerator has at least one strip-shaped Blumlein module that guides a propagating wave front between first and second ends and controls the output pulse at the second end. Each Blumlein module has three planar conductor strips, with one dielectric strip between the first and second conductor strips and a second dielectric strip between the second and third conductor strips. A high-voltage power supply charges the second conductor strip to a high potential, which is then switched to at least one of the first and third conductor strips to initiate propagating reverse polarity wave fronts in the corresponding dielectric strips.

Inline Evenflow Material Distributor for Pneumatic Material
Feed Systems
Michael J. Thiry
U.S. Patent 7,178,750 B2
February 20, 2007
This apparatus reduces clogs in a pneumatic material feed line such as those used in abrasive water jet machining systems, by providing an even flow of material. A hollow housing defining the housing volume has an inlet connected to an upstream portion of the pneumatic material feed line and an outlet connected to a downstream portion of the line. A vent between the inlet and outlet releases excess air pressure from the housing volume. A diverter, that is, an impingement object, is placed at the inlet in the path of incoming material from the upstream portion of the feed line to break up clumps of ambient moisture-ridden material impinging on the diverter. One or more filter screens can also be located in the housing volume to further break up clumps and provide filtering.

Nonlinear Optical Crystal Optimized for Ytterbium Laser Host Wavelengths
Christopher A. Ebbers, Kathleen I. Schaffers
U.S. Patent 7,179,405 B2
February 20, 2007
A material for harmonic generation has been made by changing the crystal LaCa4(BO3)3 also known as LaCOB to the form Re1xRe2yRe3zCa4(BO3)3O. In this form, Re1 and Re2 are rare-Earth ions 1 and 2 selected from the group consisting of scandium, yttrium, lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, and lutetium; Re3 is lanthanum; and x + y + z = 1.


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