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May 2007


The Laboratory in the News

Laboratory Science Entwined with Rise in Computing
Commentary by George H. Miller

A Quantum Contribution to Technology
Quantum mechanics simulations are making the leap from basic to applied nanoscale science.

U.S. Weapons Plutonium Aging Gracefully
Advances in plutonium science provide greater reassurance about the safety and reliability of America’s nuclear weapons stockpile.

Imaging Complex Biomolecules in a Flash
A new technique uses extremely bright, ultrashort x-ray pulses to image viruses and complex biomolecules down to the atomic scale.

Lipid Rafts Observed in Cell Membranes
Researchers from Lawrence Livermore and the University of California at Davis study the real-time growth of raftlike structures in cell membranes.

Exchanging Insights on Quantum Behavior
Edward Teller’s work in condensed-matter physics shows the success of his collaborative approach to scientific research.

Patents and Awards

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