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May 2002

The Laboratory
in the News

Commentary by
Jeff Wadsworth

Building a Virtual Telescope

A New Understanding of Soft Materials

At Livermore, Audacious Physics Has Thrived for
50 years





Physicist Charles Carrigan was recently named a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar. Fulbrights are grants made for a variety of educational activities. Carrigan is one of typically 11 recipients selected to perform research and teaching in the United Kingdom. He has been invited by the Department of Earth Sciences at Cambridge University to pursue research there for a year. Carrigan also has been selected as visiting fellow of St. Edmund’s College, one of the colleges of Cambridge University.
Carrigan received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles. At the Laboratory, he is a group leader of the subsurface flow and transport group in the Energy and Environment Directorate.


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