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Livermore researchers Robert Budnitz and Karl van Bibber have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Budnitz was selected in the engineering section for distinguished contributions to understanding the safety of nuclear power reactors and deep geologic radioactive waste repositories, with emphasis on probabilistic safety analysis. Budnitz has worked on nuclear power reactor safety for 30 years. He joined the Laboratory in 2002 as part of the Energy and Environment Directorate.
Van Bibber was elected in the physics category for distinguished contributions to the field of astrophysics and particle accelerator physics, particularly for his efforts in the search for dark matter axions. A Livermore employee for 21 years, van Bibber is deputy director of the Laboratory Science and Technology Office.

The American Physical Society (APS) has selected two Laboratory employees as APS fellows. Peter Amendt, who works in Livermore’s Defense and Nuclear Technologies Directorate, was honored for “seminal contributions to the development of indirectly-driven single- and double-shell inertial confinement fusion physics necessary for the demonstration of laboratory-scale ignition.” Gilbert (Rip) Collins, who works in the Physics and Advanced Technologies Directorate, was honored for “seminal contributions to the field of high-energy-density physics related to the development and application of novel laser-compression capabilities to measuring ultra-high pressure material properties.”

Richard Christensen of the Materials Science and Technology Division received the Nadai Medal, one of the highest awards in mechanical engineering presented by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Christensen, who recently retired from the Laboratory, was honored for his “outstanding contributions to mechanics of materials and heterogeneous media, theory of viscoelasticity, properties of polymers and non-Newtonian rheology and wave propagation.”
The Nadai Medal recognizes “significant contributions and outstanding achievement which broaden the field of materials engineering.” ASME established the award in 1975 to honor Arpad L. Nadai, a pioneer in the field of engineering materials who made important contributions in the area of plasticity.

The Terascale Simulation Facility (TSF) Project received the Project Management Award of Achievement, which is given annually by the Secretary of the Department of Energy for outstanding performance based on overall management and successful completion of a project. TSF houses the Laboratory’s world-class supercomputers and includes office space for more than 250 employees. The 23,504-square-meter facility was completed in late 2004, eight months ahead of schedule and $1.2 million under budget.

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