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Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Apparatus for Wheeled Vehicles in Ground Effect
Jason M. Ortega, Kambiz Salari
U.S. Patent 6,974,178 B2
December 13, 2005
An apparatus for reducing the aerodynamic drag of a wheeled vehicle in a flow stream. The vehicle has a wheel assembly supporting its body. The apparatus includes a baffle assembly adapted to a position upstream of the wheel assembly for deflecting airflow away from the wheel assembly so as to reduce incident pressure on the wheel assembly.

Compact Imaging Spectrometer Utilizing Immersed Gratings
Scott A. Lerner
U.S. Patent 6,977,727 B2
December 20, 2005
A compact imaging spectrometer composed of an entrance slit for directing light; a lens means for receiving, refracting, and focusing the light; an immersed diffraction grating that receives the light from the lens means and defracts the light back to the lens means; and a detector that receives the light from the lens means.

Apparatus and Method for Reducing Drag of a Bluff Body in Ground Effect Using Counter-Rotating Vortex Pairs
Jason M. Ortega, Kambiz Sabari
U.S. Patent 6,979,049 B2
December 27, 2005
An aerodynamic-based drag reduction apparatus and method for bluff bodies, such as tractor-trailer trucks, uses a pair of lift surfaces extending to lift surface tips and located alongside the bluff body, for example, on the opposing left- and right-side surfaces. In a flow stream substantially parallel to the longitudinal centerline of the bluff body, the pair of lift surfaces generates a pair of counterrotating trailing vortices that join in the wake of the bluff body in a direction orthogonal to the flow stream. The confluence draws or turns the flow stream in and around behind the trailing end of the bluff body, raising the pressure on a base surface at the trailing end and thereby reducing the aerodynamic base drag.

Compact Catadioptric Imaging Spectrometer Utilizing
Reflective Grating

Scott A. Lerner
U.S. Patent 6,980,295 B2
December 27, 2005
An imaging spectrometer apparatus composed of an entrance slit for directing light, a light means for receiving the light and directing the light, a grating for receiving the light from the light means and defracting the light back onto the light means which focuses the light, and a detector for receiving the focused light. In one embodiment, the light means is a rotationally symmetric ZNSE aspheric lens. In another embodiment, the light means is composed of two ZNSE aspheric lenses that are coaxial. In a third embodiment, the light means is composed of an aspheric mirror and a ZNSE aspheric lens.


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