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Microfluidic Systems with Embedded Materials and Structures and Method Thereof
Jeffrey D. Morse, Klint A. Rose, Mariam Maghribi, William Benett, Peter Krulevitch, Julie Hamilton, Robert T. Graff, Alan Jankowski
U.S. Patent 7,186,352 B2
March 6, 2007
In this process for fabricating microfluidic systems with embedded components, micrometer-scale features are molded into the polymeric material polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Micromachining is used to create a master mold, and the liquid precursors for PDMS are poured over the mold. The precursors are allowed to cure, and the PDMS is removed from the mold. After a simple surface preparation step to form sealed microchannels, the PDMS is then bonded to another material such as PDMS, glass, or silicon.

Variable Flexure-Based Fluid Filter
Steve B. Brown, Billy W. Colston, Jr., Graham Marshall, Duane Wolcott
U.S. Patent 7,188,731, B2
March 13, 2007
This apparatus for filtering particles from a fluid comprises a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, a variable-size passage between the inlet and outlets, and a means for adjusting the size of the passage for filtering particles from the fluid. An inlet fluid-flow stream is introduced to a fixture with a variable-size passage. The size of the passage is adjusted so that the fluid passes through the passage but the particles do not.

Characterizing, Synthesizing, and/or Canceling Out Acoustic Signals from Sound Sources
John F. Holzrichter, Lawrence C. Ng
U.S. Patent 7,191,105 B2
March 13, 2007
This system can characterize, synthesize, or cancel acoustic signals from inanimate and animate sound sources. Electromagnetic sensors monitor excitation sources in sound-producing systems such as the human voice, machines, and musical instruments. Acoustic output from these systems is monitored to generate a transfer function that characterizes the sound-producing system. The transfer function can then be used to synthesize acoustic output from the sound-producing system or to cancel it. The transfer functions calculated by this system relate specific excitations to acoustic outputs. Knowledge of such signals and functions can be used in various applications to replicate or cancel sounds and to identify sources.

Storage of H2 by Absorption and/or Mixture within a Fluid Medium
Gene David Berry, Salvador Martin Aceves
U.S. Patent 7,191,602 B2
March 20, 2007
For the first time, a hydrogen-storage method, apparatus, and system having a fluid mixture is provided. At predetermined pressures or temperatures within a contained, substantially fixed volume, the fluid mixture can store a high density of hydrogen molecules. A predetermined phase of the fluid mixture can be withdrawn from the substantially fixed volume for use as a vehicle fuel or energy storage and has reduced or no evaporative losses, which benefits storage weight, vessel cost, vessel shape, safety, and energy efficiency.


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