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June 2007


The Laboratory in the News

Ultrafast Diagnostics Satisfy the Need for Speed
Commentary by Steven R. Patterson

Doing a Stretch of Time
A Livermore-developed time microscope stretches
out very fast signals over time to reveal details
previously undetectable.

Setting a World Driving Record with Hydrogen
Livermore researchers demonstrate just how far a
hybrid car can travel on one tank of liquid hydrogen.

Virtual Dams Subjected to Strong Earthquakes
Laboratory expertise is helping the U.S. Bureau of
Reclamation determine the seismic safety of their dams.

A Second Chance at Sight
An implanted prosthesis restores partial sight
to those blinded by retinal diseases.

A Gifted Teacher of Applied and Fundamental Physics
Edward Teller shared his passion for physics with three
generations of students.

Patents and Awards

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