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Method of Producing a Hybrid-Matrix Fiber Composite
Steven J. DeTeresa, Richard E. Lyon, Scott E. Groves
U.S. Patent 7,018,578 B2
March 28, 2006
Fiber composites produced using matrix hybridization have an enhanced stiffness and compressive performance with toughness and durability suitable for compression-critical applications. The hybrid-matrix fiber composites are made of two chemically or physically bonded matrix materials. The first matrix material is used to impregnate multifilament fibers formed into ribbons. The second matrix material is placed around and between these fiber ribbons. Both matrix materials are cured and solidified.

Safety and Performance Enhancement Circuit for Primary Explosive Detonators
Ronald W. Davis
U.S. Patent 7,021,218 B2
April 4, 2006
A safety and performance arrangement is enhanced for primary explosive detonators. This arrangement includes a circuit containing an energy-storage capacitor and preset self-trigger to protect the primary explosive detonator from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The circuit does not discharge into the detonator until a sufficient level of charge is acquired in the capacitor. The circuit parameters are designed so that normal ESD environments cannot charge the protection circuit to a level to achieve discharge. The performance of the detonator is also improved because of the close coupling of the stored energy.

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