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Mark Martinez has been selected Professional of the Week by the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC). Martinez recently became deputy program leader for the Nevada Experiments and Operations Program in the Defense and Nuclear Technologies Directorate and has served as test director for the JASPER (Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research) Facility. The facility houses a new two-stage gas gun used to determine the properties of plutonium at high pressures, temperatures, and strain rates. (See the article Shocking Plutonium to Reveal Its Secrets.) Martinez managed the building and start-up operations for the JASPER Facility, which included meeting all governmental regulations and policies, managing the program for high-pressure plutonium experiments, and coordinating multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers from the Laboratory and other agencies.
The HENAAC was established in 1989 to identify, honor, and document the contributions of outstanding Hispanic-American professionals working in the fields of science, engineering, and technology. Corporations, government agencies, academic institutions, the military, and the business community-at-large have submitted thousands of nominees over the last 14 years for this prestigious recognition.

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