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June 2003

The Laboratory in the News

Livermore’s Three-Pronged Strategy for High-Performance Computing
Commentary by Dona Crawford

Riding the Waves of Supercomputing Technology
Livermore’s Computation Directorate is exploiting multiple technologies to ensure high-performance, cost-effective computing.

Chromosome 19 and Lawrence Livermore Form a Long-Lasting Bond
Lawrence Livermore biomedical scientists have played an important role in the Human Genome Project through their long-term research on chromosome 19.

A New Way to Measure the Mass of Stars
For the first time, scientists have determined the mass of a star in isolation from other celestial bodies.

Flexibly Fueled Storage Tank Brings Hydrogen-Powered Cars Closer to Reality
Livermore’s cryogenic hydrogen fuel storage tank for passenger cars of the future can accommodate three forms of hydrogen fuel separately or in combination.

Patents and Awards

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