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Ken Neves, the Laboratory’s chief information officer (CIO), and Mark Seager, assistant head of Advanced Technology in the Integrated Computing and Communications Department, were named to HPCwire’s list of Top People and Organizations to Watch in 2003.
HPCwire is the online magazine for high-performance computing in research laboratories, academia, and industry.
Neves came from Boeing Corporation in 2002 as Livermore's first full-time CIO. HPCwire cited Neves’s history of innovation: “Being from Boeing, an early adopter of HPC and sophisticated business systems, Ken has a lot of experience in merging and managing business computing and science and technology computing. He has the potential to make a big impact on LLNL.”
Seager, who manages the Platforms Program for the Advanced Simulation and Computing Program, was cited for his pioneering work in managing advanced simulation and computing architectures: “Mark has successfully managed partnership architectures, such as ASCI Blue Pacific, White, and Purple and the unclassified powerful LLNL Linux cluster. . . . Very high profile projects and position.”

At a recent barbeque lunch, about 400 National Ignition Facility (NIF) construction workers celebrated an outstanding safety record and two national safety awards of excellence.
Jacobs Constructors, the NIF construction manager, received a Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award for the outstanding safety record achieved by its crew of workers based on the project’s duration, worker hours, and number of injuries. The prestigious award was presented by the Construction Users Roundtable, an industry group dedicated to promoting cost-effective and safe construction methods.
The National Safety Council’s Perfect Year Award honored NIF for achieving 1,403,873 employee hours without occupational injury or illness involving days away from work for the year ending December 2002. NIF has received this award for two consecutive years.

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